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Climate change is a fundamental cross-cutting issue that undermines Tuvalu socio-economic development efforts. Tuvalu’s climate change priorities are articulated in the recently approved Te Kete Sustainable Development Strategy 2021-2030, national climate change policy, sectoral policies as well as in legislation such as the Tuvalu Climate Change and Disaster Survival Fund Act and Regulations. As indicated in the NDC, Tuvalu commits to a reduction of emissions of greenhouse gases from electricity by 100% by 2025. Emissions will be reduced from all other key sectors including Agriculture and Waste, conditional upon the necessary technology and finance. An updated climate change strategy is currently being prepared.
 Fiscal revenue and impacts on Tuvalu capacity to implement national climate policies and international commitments  Food security and development of national agriculture production  Fishery and tourism  Education  Energy and water  Infrastructure  Disaster Preparedness and Management and resiliency of the health system