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TIVA Data Analyst: Faatupu Simeti Contact : 00688 - 20517 Partnership House Department of Climate Change and Disaster   Climate change has always been a threat to all countries in the world. Tuvalu a country that consists of nine small atolls with a population of approximately twelve thousand people is mostly affected by climate change. The Tuvalu Integrated Vulnerability Assessment (TIVA) is a collection of existing secondary data and also views from the people to help carry out a vulnerability assessment. Tuvalu has signed a memorandum of understanding between its Government and the International Institute for Sustainable Development (IISD) regarding support for the Tuvalu Integrated Vulnerability Assessment (TIVA) by the National Adaptation Plan Global Network (NAP GB). The collection of data from all the Islands of Tuvalu started in the beginning of this year 2018 and its still in the process of developing a TIVA Data base to improve IVA-data consistency, storage and presentation.  
The main objective of the Tuvalu Integrated Vulnerability Assessment is to provide a Dataset of what was collected and a vulnerability assessment report to help inform the development, implementation and monitoring and evaluation of Tuvalu’s NAP process.